Our Story

Fighting plastic pollution before it enters the ocean

Seahive + Pakt

Malcolm Fontier

CEO and Founder of Pakt + SeaHive

Spending a lot of my time outdoors or on the water, the issue of plastic waste became impossible to ignore. We would go out for a day of fishing and come back with more balloons and bottles than fish (That may say more about my skills as a fisherman than anything else though!?). As a product designer, I decided I wanted to find a way to use design for good-- to fight the harm my own industry has been doing to our environment and ocean. I’m excited about the potential for SeaHive to help alter the trajectory of this problem.

Kirsten Midura

SeaHive Communications & Project Manager

Originally from Oregon, I grew up sailing with my family in the South Pacific, the Pacific Northwest, and the Caribbean. I have always had a deep love for the ocean, but it was not until I began diving in 2008 that I realized how complex and fragile our underwater ecosystems are. I'm is an environmentalist by trade, and have devoted my career to protecting our planet.

Gabrielle Kennedy

PR and Events for SeaHive

Growing up on the ocean, I spent summers swimming, sailing, clamming, and fishing in the waters in and around Cape Cod. Back when I was a kid, pollution was really out of sight. Now I comb the previously pristine beaches around the Cape and almost always fill up a trash bag of plastic during my walks. Plastic pollution is not only sad to see, but alarming when you hear the staggering numbers and know that it is making its way into our food supply. I am excited to be a part of the SeaHive Team and address one of the biggest problems facing our planet and help educate future generations.

Sara Edwards

Community, Creative, and Boat DJ for Pakt + SeaHive

Growing up, every summer was spent at the lake swimming and sailing, and out on any body of water is still one of my favorite places to be. The scale that we as humans are mindlessly contributing to the environmental disaster of plastic pollution in our ocean is truly disturbing. I am proud that Pakt has committed to making the environment a priority, and am excited at the prospect of helping other companies do the same.

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