Designed to last, built with the environment.

Designed to last; built with the planet in mind.

Pakt's Responsibility Journey


So we’re going with the next best thing: producing products as responsibly as possible, building them to last, and designing them to be versatile; so you can minimize the number of products you need. The road to reducing our impact takes time, but we're committed to learning, improving, and sharing what we learn, every step of the way.

Designed to last, built with the environment.

Eco-friendly Materials

We only use modern, durable, technical materials that are animal-friendly and have the lowest possible environmental impact. We work to improve our supply chain and products by constantly looking for lower impact replacements for materials and processes.

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Conscious Production

The last thing we want to do is add more unnecessary stuff to the world. We would rather have a small line of great products where each product clearly adds value to people's lives, rather than grow the line simply because “that’s what companies do,” or “that’s what retailers expect.”

Designed to last, built with the environment.

Built to stand the test of time

We believe in buying quality over quantity, which is why we create our products to last a lifetime of adventures. If you ever have any issues with any of your products, we’ll take care of it; and we’ll work to make them even better with every future production run.

Conserving resources through crowdfunding

We’ve embraced crowdfunding and pre-orders because they allow us to more accurately order products according to demand. So instead of ordering, say 10,000 bags, and then crossing our fingers that we’ll sell them all, we can reduce waste and conserve resources by gauging the real demand for different styles and colors, then only ordering materials for what we need.

Designed to last, built with the environment.

Factory Transparency

We’ve developed personal relationships with our manufacturing partners and suppliers to ensure our bags are produced under safe, fair, legal, and humane working conditions.


Giving used gear a new life

One of the biggest things any of us can do to reduce our impact is to get the most use possible out of the products that we buy. At Pakt, we are committed to helping support our customers do just that.


Our Practice

Pakt has been a remote team since it all began in 2018. Today, our team works virtually together from four different states in two different time zones. We choose not to anchor ourselves to an office building or have a long commute into work. This small but purposeful practice helps our team cut traffic congestion, reduce emissions, and improve employee productivity and happiness. It’s better for our people, and better for the planet.


The journey never ends.

Pakt’s efforts to minimize our impact and operate as responsibly as possible is an ongoing journey. We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn more and improve when new options are uncovered.

Join the journey. We share the latest news in the posts linked below, and we always welcome feedback and ideas.